Meet The Kenyan Prostitute Who Has Served Over 28,000 Men

Meet Sarah Mutero, one of Kenya’s oldest prostitutes who has just retired from her profession after serving over 28,000 men in over 20 years.

After her job, Sarah received a parcel of land worth Kenyan shillings 120,000 in Makuyu, Murang’a County. Other well-wishers promised to pool resources and build her a decent house as “retirement benefits”

Stanley Ngara, also known as the King of Condoms, a man spearheading a program to retire sex workers in humane way says that sex workers a crucial step in fighting HIV/AIDS.

“Men can seek sex in a way, however when it comes to sex workers, the rules of the game changes. Sex workers don’t allow sexual intercourse without condoms, but men insist to pay even much more to have unprotected sex. Our society has a negative perception about sex workers but the reality is that they play a crucial role in the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases.

For two decades, Sarah has been a sex worker, serviced thousands of men in Majengo area, Nairobi city and embu county. 

Furthermore she claims that she would service over 20 men per day during her younger years but as economy hit up and competition became stiff she could only manage four customers per day translating to 100 customers per month and for the 23 years she has been in service, she has taken care of over 28,000 men in Kenya.

In sex business, price is mostly determined by location and standards. For example in villages such as Majengo and other slums, a session commonly known as “shoti” goes for about 100 Kenya shillings compared to city centres where it costs over 200 shillings.

The mother of two children began prostitution in 1995 in at the age of 17 years when a man impregnated her and vanished. Her first born is a form four leaver while her second born son is in form four and struggling with school feels.

“My sons respect me, but they don’t know if I’m a sex worker, but I suspect that they do. I pray that my children don’t get involved in this kind of business or seek sex from sex workers”.

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