Ritualist Arrested After They Were Caught with Fresh Human Bodies

The Oyo Police Officers in Nigeria have arrested four ritual suspects with human hands and heads
According to reports, two of the culprits, Olapade Sahide, 32, and Olatunji Abiodun, 26, were arrested with evidence in the Ayegun region of the capital.
The human parts were cut from a corpse buried in this area only four days earlier.
A Muslim priest, 35-year-old Hammed Sulaiman, who participated in the Fidaus prayer for the dead, whose body parts were cut off, also marched with the pastor-president of the C & S Church of the Light of God, Ojagbo, Oranjan, and Ibadan.

Sulaiman, who said he had asked for the human parts he needed to perform monetary rituals, had brought Saheeds and Abiodun's duo to the tumor side of the deceased.
The pastor took the cut human parts into custody before the bladder burst.
Sulaiman reported what led to the arrest, saying that he needed only a handful of human parts to mingle with chains to make financial progress, and that he had asked the friend to help him preserve the human parts.
He said he paid N2,500 to people who cut through the human body, but claimed that he did not know what the group would do with the human head.

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